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5 Tips for Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

Posted 7 years ago on · Permalink

by Bonnie Niedojadlo


It’s time to sit down and write your blogs for the month.  Perhaps you are late getting to it, but you know it is part of your social media plan.  If only there was a better or easier way to engage your brain. It’s really not what you’d call one of your strengths but what else can you do?

If that sounds like you, you are not alone.  Perhaps it’s time to think about outsourcing your blog writing.

Get beyond the self-message that you have to do it all.  You don’t, or you wouldn’t have hired the accountant, would you?  Do the things you’re good at and hire the things you are not.

And don’t forget, when you outsource, you give yourself the gift of time.  No doubt you’ll easily fill it.

There are several things to consider when you hire someone to write for your business.  The following tips could make it easier for you to choose the right person.

1.    You might know some content writers in your community or you might have heard about someone who is not even in your region.  Decide how you feel about face-to-face meetings as opposed to virtual meetings.  While there’s nothing wrong with hiring someone who is not local, you might want to consider that supporting another small business in your community will have benefits in the long term.  Referrals are one thing that comes to mind.

2.    Review the potential writer’s work. Not blogs alone. Check out other examples of their writing. The writing you review should give you a feeling about how that writer puts thoughts together on paper.  You need some comfort that the writer can speak (write) with your voice.

3.    Be prepared to spend some time initially.  The writer will want to know about your business and you will want to express your expectations.  The time you spend will decrease as you and the writer get comfortable with each other.  Don’t forget to discuss keywords that are applicable to your business.

4.    Decide how much research you want done on specific topics as this will definitely affect the budget.  So will the number of blogs you want the writer to handle.  Will it be one a week or one a month?

5.    Make sure you continue to meet and communicate with your writer on a regular basis.  They need feedback too, so let them know if there was a post you really liked or that worked especially well so they can aim for that level in future blogs.

If content writing has been a source of stress for you, turning over your blog writing can be an enormous relief.

Bonnie Niedojadlo is a writer and the proprietor of Express Newsletters. This Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade member provides a variety of business writing services including newsletter content, blog writing and more.  If you’d like more information about the services Express Newsletters, Bonnie can by reached at 416-294-0529.