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DIY Video Blogging

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Carrie-Anne Atkins
Ontario Power Generation

Fifty years ago, when Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message,” he did so without the help of social media.

He used lectures and textbooks to get his word out and though his ideas did eventually spread, it was in the snail’s pace of the 1960s.

However, if Marshall McLuhan said the same iconic phrase for the first time today, it would likely be:

•    In front of the camera and last no more than 90 seconds
•    Streamed through online news feeds
•    Re-tweeted by students thousands of times

Gone are the days of spreading the word with just words as more social media websites move towards the integration of video.

This post will offer some easy tips on producing videos (also known as vlogs) from a communication and marketing prospective. You’ll have to look to a tech expert for a how-to with advice on things such as file format and size.

Here are some guidelines on how to make a solid video:

1.    Online videos produced in house do not have to break the bank. First, it is possible to produce an online video on a small budget. Gone are the days of big video productions. Today, you can use both point-and-shoot cameras and cell phones alike to produce quality, engaging and informative videos.

2.    More is not always better. The saying less is more might be old but it’s not irrelevant. To be blunt – no one wants to watch a six-minute video – not even the most loyal customers. Always keep it short and concise.

3.    Consider your stars. If you’re making simple in-house videos, try out different players. Just because it’s the CEO’s blog – doesn’t mean an engaged employee or satisfied customer can’t or shouldn’t be the star.

4.    Promote it, or else it was all for not. Now you have this short and snappy video, it’s time to promote it. Depending on the content and message, promotion is just as important as creating the video.

5.    How many vlogs is a good number? Even if it’s once a month or quarterly, online videos are here to stay, and they are an important marketing tool all businesses large or small should consider using.

I am by no means saying written blogs are not impactful, they are – hence this blog is in the written word and I believe in mixing it up; a written post one week, and a video or intriguing picture the next. However, if your company hasn’t entertained the idea of posting online videos now is the time. The faster your brand offers videos the sooner it will be in front of your customer’s minds.


Carrie-Anne Atkins is Manager, Corporate Relations and Communications – Pickering Nuclear at Ontario Power Generation and sits on APBOT’s Marketing & Communication and Government Relations committees.