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Notice of General Meeting and By-law changes

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Notice of General Meeting 

Brief General Meeting planned for Regional Chair’s Luncheon  

On March 25th, 2015, the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade will hold our 2015 Regional Chair’s Luncheon event from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Lake House Event Centre in Pickering.

On behalf of Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade Corporate Secretary Shannon Moore, please be advised that in compliance with section 17 (1) of the Board of Trade Act, there will be a brief General Meeting held in conjunction with the 2015 Regional Chair’s Luncheon. The General Meeting will run just after lunch and prior to the Regional Chair’s remarks and will provide an update on the current state of affairs and finances of the Board of Trade to the attendees.

This is a quarterly General Meeting and should not be confused with our Annual General Meeting which takes place in December in conjunction with our Christmas Lunch.

All Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade members are welcome to attend the General Meeting portion of the event at no cost.

Memo to Members

March 3, 2015

Re: Updated By-Law

In preparation for the general meeting being held on March 25 in advance of the Regional Chair Luncheon, we are putting forward revised by-laws for the approval of the members.

In 2014, the Governance Committee, directed by the Board of Directors, initiated a review of the current Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade By-Law. The purpose was to ensure that the By-Law was up-to-date and in compliance with relevant legislation (i.e. the Boards of Trade Act).  The Governance Committee initiated this review and retained legal counsel from Bennett Mason Joncox, who have expertise in corporate governance, to provide a third party review of the By-Law. Upon completion of this process, suggested revisions and updates were provided to the Board for review and approval ahead of submission to the Members for final approval. This document, APBOT By-Law for Member Approval (March 2 2015). A vote to approve revisions will be held at the Member Meeting on March 25, 2015.

Summary of Revisions

The spirit and general content of the By-Law has stayed the same, but updates and revisions have been proposed where necessary to ensure clarity alignment with the legislation and the current realities of the organization.
Although there were a number of editorial changes that updated the language of the by-laws, the material or substantial changes that require your consideration are listed below, with reference to the relevant sections:
1.    Article II – Section 5 Interpretations: Definitions were updated.
2.    Article III Membership: Revised, updated and clarified.
a.    We clarified the membership categories and responsibilities
3.    Article IV Section 14 (formerly section 30): relating to the number of directors; has been updated to provide a range (11-14) rather than a fixed number of 14.  This allows flexibility in its numbers in the event a director departs mid-term; this also reflects current practice in the industry.
4.    Articles 4 & 8 (formerly Article 6): were subdivided in order to provide clarity over the composition of the board, the nomination of directors, the rights and responsibilities of directors, the election of officers and the roles and responsibilities of officers.
5.    Articles 5, 6 & 7 – (formerly Article 4) Meetings:  we divided this into three articles that cover meetings of the members; meetings of council and general meetings in order to clarify the terms and conditions of each.
APBOT By-Law for Member Approval (March 2 2015). We ask that you bring any questions that you may have to the meeting on March 25 and be prepared to vote on changes at that time.