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Obtaining an ROI for Your Tradeshow Investment

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Your decision to attend a tradeshow is one where you are going to invest marketing dollars in an event to get leads for your business. Just as with any marketing decision to spend money, you want to make sure you get the greatest return for your marketing spend.  Once you have made that decision, there four things you can do in order to increase your chances for achieving a higher ROI.

Market Your Attendance

It is important that your prospects know that you are attending a tradeshow, as those who want more information about your business and products may attend the show to find out more versus calling.  You will want to make sure that you market your attendance on all of your social media platforms every few days with a different message. Start this activity 2-3 weeks before the event. You will also want to make sure that you have a reference to the event on the first page of your website or another key page that traffic will hit. You might even let your prospects and existing customers know as part of your company newsletter or have printed flyers that are available at your business or you mail out in advance.

Be Sure to Invite Customers and Key Prospects

You will need to send out invitations to your most important customers and prospects.  If there is an entry fee to attend the event, it might even be worth paying a portion of the fee or the whole thing in order to get them to come and visit you at the show. Be sure to let them know if there are other presentations or speakers that you think will be of value to them or their business.  If they are interested in your products and services and they attend the show, this is the time to shine.

Be Prepared When You Attend the Show

There is nothing worse than spending the money on a trade show and not being prepared when you get there. You want to make sure that you have:

•    Your Business Cards
•    Proper Signage  / Booth
•    Promotional items
•    Collateral / Literature
•    Lead Sheets
•    Any materials your require such as tape, scissors, paper

Capture Leads from Attendees

Why attend an event if you are not going to capture potential leads and follow-up after the show.  It will take you 20 minutes to throw together a lead form.  Do not count on just taking a business card and remembering the conversation.  Here are key items to capture:

•    Name (Staple the card if you wish)
•    Contact Title
•    Company
•    Economic Buyer (If not the person attending)
•    Email and Phone of appropriate contact
•    Website of Company
•    Products and Services  of Interest
•    Type of Lead
o    A Lead – Buying in the next 30 days
o    B Lead  – Buying in the next 6 months
o    C Lead  – Interested but not making buying decision immediately

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