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The Case for Drones

Posted 5 years ago on · Permalink

Your competitors use them. Why aren’t you?

Agriculture, surveying, asset mapping, marketing, accident reporting, search and rescue, envelope inspection … these are only a few of the functions drones are already serving right here in Durham Region.

Durham Regional Police Services are researching the use of drones for SAR (search and rescue), tactical advantage and accident reporting. Drones eliminate the risk to human assets, save significant time and money, and allow quick access to areas traditional ground based assets cannot get to.

Veridian Connections is researching the use of drones for feeder line inspection, both optical RGB and thermal. This application provides more data in less time, reinforcing the company’s mandate to minimize the rise of consumer costs.

The City of Pickering is currently testing drones for municipal asset mapping. This helps to accurately predict repair cycles of things like potholes and curbs to lessen the financial impact to the City’s citizens.

These three are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to seeing the value of drones. Weddings, real estate, marine SAR, firefighting, community events … more examples of drones in action in Durham Region.

Benefits to Agriculture

Imagine a drone flying 400 ft above your crops for an hour each season. In that small timeframe, a highly precise multispectral sensor captures data across four non-visible bands, plus visible RGB imagery – in just one flight.

This data can then be used to generate accurate index maps and create high quality prescriptions – carefully optimizing crop treatments to improve production quality, boost yields & reduce costs.

A drone can cover hundreds of acres in a single flight for extremely efficient crop monitoring and analysis. This means fewer flights in total, for less time spent collecting data and more time acting on it.

FMIS and ag machinery compatible ensure there is no need to reinvent your workflow. Year round monitoring and data collection for your crops becomes a natural extension of your existing toolset.

Benefits to Asset Management

Drones can offer survey-grade accuracy without the need for ground control points—for less time in the field and more time putting your data to work.  Absolute orthomosaic & digital surface model accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in) to ensure professional quality. Employ your existing reference station & GNSS knowledge to minimize interruption to your existing workflow.

Work with the most popular softwares: Pix4D, ESRI Arc GIS, any standard GIS software tool.


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