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West Durham Looks to Welcome Major New Destination Hub in “Durham Live”

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April 4, 2018 – Developments in the gaming and entertainment industries for both Pickering and Ajax will impact the region’s ongoing economic growth.

West Durham is now officially one step closer to having a massive casino and entertainment complex. The Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade is excited about the possibility of significant economic developments for our region. However, it is important that these economic developments move forward strategically, in a way that allows the communities as a whole to benefit.

Tuesday’s announcement from the Ontario Gaming GTA LLP (“OGGLP”) that it is moving forward with Durham Live came after a long period of uncertainty. In 2012, the OLG sought to modernize provincial casinos, by developing gaming zones and seeking service provider bids through a competitive procurement process. Pickering, Ajax, and Whitby, are the three municipalities that encompass OLG’s C3 gaming zone. In August 2017, the OLG announced that OGGLP had won the contract to be the gaming service provider for our zone, as well as other zones within the GTA. Further to the Casino Operating and Service Agreement entered into between OLG and OGGLP, OGGLP had the responsibility of reviewing the casino proposals submitted in 2013 for Pickering by Durham Live and for Ajax by Ajax Downs. While the Board of Trade did not advocate for either proposal, it has supported both Pickering and Ajax in facilitating presentations on the proposals. On April 3, 2018, six years after the modernization process began, OGGLP has now announced that it has selected Durham Live for our region’s casino.

Durham Live promises to bring a new destination hub to West Durham, with a larger casino, hotels, restaurants, retailers, a film studio, and more. Further, Durham Live is promised to be a substantial new employer, providing an estimated 10,000 new local jobs, including 1,700 new casino jobs. These jobs are in addition to the promise of transferring of the almost 400 casino employees at Ajax Downs. “We support the creation of local jobs and contributions to the economic prosperity of our communities”, said Ajax Pickering Board of Trade President, Christine Ashton. “However, the racetrack at Ajax Downs is also a big part of our communities and its long-term sustainability is important. As OGGLP moves forward with Durham Live, we will advocate for what is best for both Pickering and Ajax. This advocacy will include seeking to ensure that infrastructure improvements will support both Pickering’s and Ajax’s economy and address traffic concerns for both.”

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